Celine van Heel

Spanish / Dutch, born in Athens and raised in Paris, Germany and Madrid. I decided to dive into the audiovisual world during quarantine. I escaped "last minute" to lock myself up with my grandfather in his house on his mountain. I had made the best decision, since I discovered what would change my professional career: ‘The Spanish King’. I created an instagram account for my grandfather, and I started taking photos and videos of him, dressing him, creating a character. He quickly became an actor, model and influencer “The Spanish King”. He has been my muse and the reason why I have decided to dedicate myself to this. Without a doubt, the most important project for me has been directing my first short film "The Spanish King" in 2022, in which renowned Spanish artists such as La Jedet, Samantha Hudson, Recycled J, Paula Cendejas, Albany and many more have participated. This adventure of color, fun and passion has only just begun! Since then, I have worked with Nathy Peluso, Aron Piper, Sen Senra, I have directed campaigns for Kappa, Zara, Scotch and Soda, among others.


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