2011 – Merlinka festival

Merlinka festival

Merlinka festival


Thursday 8.12.2011. (15:00)

Režija / Director: Joe Morris
UK,(2010) 24 min.
Junk is a subtle, melancholic portrait of a confused companionship in its dying moments. Jack and Tat live on the streets and move from place to place looking for fun and money. Under pressure from Jack, Tat returns to his home town in search of cash. Having not seen his family for a long time, he is forced to face the misery of his past. But with Jack losing interest in him and his hurtful behaviour testing the limits of Tat’s patience and love, he has no other choice. As Jack’s behaviour becomes more dangerous, Tat makes one last ditch attempt to bring a sense of stability to their lives, with sad and frustrating consequences.

Režija / Director: Alauda Ruiz de Azúa
Španija, (2011) 18 min.
Not everything that goes on at school is a game.

La Mirada de las Fotos
Režija / Director: Miguel Lafuente
Španija, (2010) 14 min.
A young couple needs some place to have intimacy, so they use Arturo’s grandmother place when she is not there; but Carlos has a problem: he can’t do it in front of the pictures of dead relatives. His boyfriends makes fun of him, but some months later he is the one who feels the pictures’ gaze.

Treviano e la Luna
Produkcija / Producer: Clark Nikolai
Kanada, (2010) 11 min.
A man sings in the shower and has a daydream that his life is an opera. His singing conjures up both a satyr and the moon who gives him questionable advice on romance. Set to the music of Rossini with new inspired from several sources.

Torten im Sand
Režija / Director: Christoph Scheermann
Nemačka, (2010) 22 min.
Can love rescue what sex destroys?
Tim and Julian are deeply in love but the gay couple can’t have sex with each other. When you can’t sexually satisfy the person you love is this enough reason to quit a long relationship? We give the answer! On a weekend trip to the sea the queer boys want to spend some time together away from the pulsating city of Berlin where they live. This trip ends with two cakes in the sand. What, if two people love each other but can’t live with each other?

Three minutes of solitude
Režija / Director: Visar Krusha
Kosovo, (2009) 22 min.
Flamuri, a man in his thirties lives a routine life and tries to integrate into Kosovan society, which is not easy, because most people have a very conservative attitude towards his homosexual orientation. One day he decides to break his routine with something spectacular.

Thursday 8.12.2011. (17:00)

You should meet my son
Režija: Keith Hartman
Uloge: Joanne McGee, Stewart Carrico, Carol Goans, Steve Snyder
SAD, (2010) 86 min.
A comedy about a conservative Southern mom who discovers that her only son is gay. Determined that he won’t go through life alone, she sets out to find him a husband.

Thursday 8.12.2011. (19:00)

The Stranger in us
Režija: Scott Boswell
Uloge: Raphael Barker, Adam David, Scott Cox
SAD, (2010) 107 min.
Anthony, an eager small-town newcomer to San Francisco who is dealing with an abusive ex-lover, strikes up an unlikely friendship with Gavin, an underaged runaway and homeless street hustler who has a turbulent history of his own.

Thursday 8.12.2011. (21:00)

Judas kiss
Režija: J.T. Tepnapa
Uloge: Brent Corrigan, Richard Harmon, Charlie David
SAD, (2011) 94 minuta
Film festival judge Zachary Wellsʼ handsome one night stand turns out to be a student competing for a scholarship Zach must award. Mysteriously, Danny Reyesʼ entry has the same title as Zach’s film that won the festival years before.

Friday, 9.12.2011. (15:00)

Early Summer
Režija / Director: Nikola Ljuca
Srbija, (2008) 14 min.
Branko lives with his girlfriend and they work together in a supermarket. His friend and colleague Mare, seems to be much more than that. But, will Branko leave his girlfriend for Mare?

Candy boy
Režija / Director: Pascal-Alex Vincent
Francuska, (2007) 13 min.
Panic in the orphanage! The children are mysteriously falling ill and Candy Boy, the most valiant of the orphans, investigates. But the arrival of a new orphan complicates our hero’s inquiries.

The Girl Bunnies: Big three
Režija / Director: Francoise Doherty
Kanada, (2011) 8 min.
Mimi and her chainsaw accidentally slice through a really cute girl bunny’s tree. With the help of a hockey stick, two hockey girls and a rather big deer, Mimi figures out her heart.

Režija / Director: Wesley Sylvester Kobus
Španija, (2011) 6 min.
Two men are at lunchtime to have fast sex in the car, out of the city.

Režija / Director: Pierre Stefanos
SAD, (2010) 16 min.
Narrated in the style of an old children’s fairy tale but set against the modern-day backdrop of New York City, follows the adventure of 20-something Bobby as he returns to the gay bar where he got his heart broken for the first time. Upon meeting and spending the night with an attractive stranger named Jonathan, Bobby dreams about what a lifetime relationship with him could be like. The dream takes us on a thirty year journey of ups and downs in life and love. But what will happen when Bobby wakes up to reality in the morning?

Režija / Director: Rebecca Thomson
A melodic massacre featuring two bigoted old ladies, a couple of love-struck lesbians and a chorus line of gruesome glittering zombies.

La Victoria de Ursula
Režija / Director: Julio Martí, Nacho Ruipérez
Španija, (2011) 17 min.
A rainy night, Ursula crosses a lush forest. Stops before the gate of an old cemetery and break the chains that keep her from entering. In his right hand holds a shovel, on the left, a heavy suitcase.

Režija / Director: Laura Terruso
SAD, (2011) 3 min
A street flyer leads to a surprising discovery.

Režija / Director: Aaron Chan
Kanada, (2011) 6 min.
After coming out to his parents and wanting to change, teenage Jason takes what he believes to be a cure for being gay.

Frischluft Therapie
Režija / Director: Christoph Scheermann
Nemačka, (2010) 6 min.
Two women – in the prime of their lives – are sitting on the therapist’s couch. When the lights go off. What the therapist tries for months, is achieved by a sudden incident in the dark.

Friday, 9.12.2011. (17:00)

We were here
Režija: David Weissman, Bill Weber
SAD, (2011) 90 minuta
We Were Here is the first documentary to take a deep and reflective look back at the arrival and impact of AIDS in San Francisco. It explores how the City’s inhabitants were affected by, and how they responded to, that calamitous epidemic. Though a San Francisco-based story, We Were Here extends beyond San Francisco and beyond AIDS itself. It speaks to our capacity as individuals to rise to the occasion, and to the incredible power of a community coming together with love, compassion, and determination.

Friday, 9.12.2011. (19:00)

Gun Hill Road
Režija: Rashaad Ernesto Green
Uloge: Judy Reyes, Esai Morales, Harmony Santana
SAD, (2011) 88 minuta
An ex-con returns home to the Bronx after three year in prison to discover his wife estranged and his teenage son exploring a sexual transformation that will put the fragile bonds of their family to the test.

Friday, 9.12.2011. (21:00)

Režija: Andrew Haigh
Uloge: Tom Cullen, Chris New
UK, (2011) 96 minuta
After a drunken house party with his straight mates, Russell heads out to a gay club. Just before closing time he picks up Glen but what’s expected to be just a one-night stand becomes something else, something special.

Saturday, 10.12.2011. (15:00)

More or less
Režija / Director: Alexander Siqueira
Brazil, (2010) 14 min.
Teenager Ivo is constantly bullied by Sandro, his high school classmate. Their troubled relationship seems irreconcilable until an unexpected encounter changes everything.

Deep Red
Režija / Director: Eddie Tapero
Izrael, (2009) 20 min.
Gur and Yuval will stop at nothing to make enough money for a fresh start in Berlin. As they approach their goal, the tension is growing between the two, until an unexpected event causes Gur to question both their plan and their relationship.

Un Fils
Režija / Director: André Gaumond
Kanada, (2011) 20 min.
A psychologist, Sebastien Huberdeau, pushes a young boy to tell why he wanted to commit suicide. What he discovers will go beyond his expectations.

Neon Skin
Režija / Director: Grant Scicluna
Australija, (2009) 5 min.
Two young men –one sighted, one blind – see the world and their bodies in different ways. Unexpectedly, they find a connection beyond the visual in the collision of taste, touch and sound. The connection is sensual, and within it they each find something new.

Režija / Director: Mark Pariselli
Kanada, (2009) 13 min.
Three teenage boys idealize and fantasize about an older teenage football player in a humorous and dark coming of age film dealing with sexual awakening, friendship and death.

Le nouveua
Režija / Director: Elias Dellers
Švajcarska, (2011) 13 min.
Manuel is in a new town, in a new school and has people around him with a different language. It’s not easy for him to settle in, till he meets another boy from his class.

4 Pounds
Režija / Director: Josh Levy
Kanada, (2010) 8 min.
4 Pounds is the story of an actor who, over the course of four life changing weeks, focuses his considerable will to the goal of losing some weight. Though the people in his life try to dissuade him from his ruinous path, he ignores them in his headlong rush towards self destruction.

Režija / Director: Josh Levy
Kanada, (2010) 4 min.
52 probes one man’s greatest nightmare: getting old.

Bigger splash
Prodicent: Martin Borden
Kanada, (2010) 7 min.
This video follows the poignant life of discarded latex condom. After serving humanity valiantly, we see it explores self-awareness, love and eventually dissolution and death.

I’m Gay
Režija / Director: Cyra K. Polizzi
Kanada, (2009) 4 min.
The best way to tell your parents that you’re gay is through song.

Saturday, 10.12.2011. (17:00)

East Bloc Love
Režija: Logan Mucha
Belorusija,(2011) 70 minuta
Young Sergey is an openly gay activist in Belarus and has endured violence from police and skinheads. When his boyfriend is shot on the border he begins his fight for gay equality. Preparing for a defiant stand on the streets of the nation’s capital Minsk, Sergey and a few brave activists brace to show their PRIDE against the last dictatorship in Europe.

11. lipnja – Prvi splitski Pride
Režija: Tomislav Ladišić
Hrvatska, (2011) 67 minuta
The documentary follows activities held before pride, its organization and interviews with the Pride coordinators. It shows us the march itself which was ambushed by thousands of huligans who, apart other things, threw rocks and fireworks at the Pride participants.

Sunday, 11.12.2011. (15:00)

Im Sommer Sitzen die alten
Režija / Director: Beate Kunath
Nemačka, (2009) 22 min.
Petra is a film maker. Inspired by the death of her Grandmother Magdalena, the talks with Magdalenas live partner Gertrud, as well as an old suitcase of Magdalena, she writes a poem. To keep her memories of Magdalena and Gertrud alive and to prevent them from fading, she makes a film with the poem in it.

Water Wells
Režija / Director: Iyar Dyoman, Sivan Levy
Izrael, (2010) 15 min.
A forbidden love story between a student and a teacher, Inka and Lea, during the 1940’s in Israel. The two pass days and nights at Lea’s house, sinking slowly into their inner world. As time goes by, Inka yearns to push all boundaries while Lea’s fears from being revealed begin to float.

Doble Fila
Režija / Director: Olaf González Schneeweiss
Španija, (2010) 13 min.
After Empar’s accident, her wife, Maribel, meets Alicia at the hospital. Maribel figures out that Alicia is Empar’s lover. Now Maribel needs to make a decision or let others continue “double-parked”.

Cut Adrift
Režija / Director: Hakym Noh
Singapur, (2011) 9 min.
A series of vignettes involving patricide and sexual awakening shared by two half-sisters.

Režija / Director: Patricia Galucci, Victor Nascimento
Brazil, (2010) 13. min
17 year old Helena lives a love story that will incite her search for freedom. However, she will also discover that growing up involves difficult decisions that will lead to disappointments and losses.

Režija: Cyra K. Polizzi
SAD, (2011) 5 min.

Režija / Director: Patricia Galucci, Victor Nascimento
Brazil, (2011) 15 min.
Irene is a secluded old woman who lives in a house in the countryside. When her granddaughter shows for an unexpected visit, along with a new friend, Irene’s isolation is disturbed and she starts to unveil feelings she thought were forgotten.

Režija / Director: Betsy Kalin
SAD, (2010) 18 min.
Why are lesbians the biggest consumers of wallet chains in the country? Chained! is a fun, humorous romp through the lives of these quirky lesbians who define themselves by their chains.

Sunday, 11.12.2011. (17:00)

L’amore e basta
Režija / Director: Stefano Consiglio
Italija, (2009) 75 min.
From France to Spain, from south to north Italy, alternate homosexual love stories, harnessed in social prejudices, attached to a vital idea of freedom. The gallery of people interviewed by Stefano Consiglio represents, face after face, the emotional complexity of relationships that come and work, find a balance and stabilize the love of simple and powerful idea.

Sunday, 11.12.2011. (19:00)

You will be mine
Režija / Director: Sophie Laloy
Uloge: Judith Davis, Marc Chapiteau, Fabienne Babe
Francuska, (2009) 96 minuta
Marie leaves home to study the piano at the conservatory in Lyons. Through lack of money, she is obliged to share an apartment with Emma, a friend of the family who has lived alone since the death of her father. The two young women develop a strange fascination for one another, which soon develops into an intense mutual need…

Sunday, 11.12.2011. (21:00)

Mein Freund aus Faro
Režija / Director: Nana Neul
Uloge: Anjorka Strechel, Lucie Hollmann, Manuel Cortez
Nemačka, (2008) 87 minuta
Eternal daydreamer Mel (Anjorka Strechel) can’t wait to quit her sucky catering job and fly to her dream destination: Portugal. Things change when the beautiful Jenny (Lucie Hollmann) literally crashes into her life when Mel nearly runs her over in her classic BMW. It is love at first sight, however there is just one problem: Jenny mistakenly assumes Mel to be a boy.

Monday, 12.12.2011. (15:00)

Režija / Director: Ricky Mastro
Brazil, (2011) 5 min.

Režija / Director: Javier de la Torre
Španija, (2008) 14 min.
Adela isn’t the girl from a romantic comedy. Hassan isn’t the gallant hero of an adventure film. Sylvia isn’t at all like a femme fatale.

Truth Takes Time
Režija / Director: Ellie Krnich
USA, (2011) 12 min.
„Truth Takes Time“ is a coming of age ‘motion storybook’ about the trials and tribulations of loving yourself as you are. It follows excerpts in the life of Allie, a queer femme currently transitioning in all aspects of ther life.

Door Prize
Režija / Director: Zsa Zsa Gershick
SAD, (2009) 8 min.
„Door Prize“ is the story of a trans, two-spirit, butch-boi lesbian for whim public restroms are always an adventure. A restaurant. A necktie. A line at the Ladies Room. Peeing should never be so problematic. The story is based on authors own experiences.

Hyacinthus Lullaby
Režija / Director: Na’ama Landau
Izrael, (20009) 23 min.
The relationship between Iris and her mother, Amalya, is cold and defined. When Amalya dies prematurely, Iris realizes that she missed the opportunity for reconciliation. She tries – a daughter’s last effort – to win a hug from her Mom.

Režija / Director: Abby Lambert
Kanada, (2011) 4 min.

Buch tits
Producent: Jen Crothers
Kanada, (2010) 4 min.
Butch women discuss the sometimes complicated relationship they have with their breasts.

Režija / Director: Alexis Mitchell
Kanada, (2010) 25 min.
Camp is a 3-part, single channel, video essay exploring the secrets that underscore authors personal relationship to Jewish history and culture.

Super Queer
Producent: Sakino Sepulveda
Kanada, (2010) 4 min.
„Super Queer“ is an experimental, science fiction short film. The story is about how a simple public display of affection between two men provokes a violent homophobic reaction.

Režija / Director: Jack O’Dowd
UK, (2011) 11 min.
16 year old boy has finished his exams with his mum’s blessing is allowed to celebrate with his best girlfriend in a gay nightclub.

Monday, 12.12.2011. (17:00)

Inspired (2011)
Režija: Charles Gage
SAD, (2011) 89 minuta
On November 4, 2008 the voters of California passed Proposition 8 revoking marriage rights for same sex couples. The next day in Los Angeles, a movement was born.

Monday, 12.12.2011. (19:00)

Everything & Everyone
Režija: Tracy D. Smith
Uloge: Ryan Robbins, Gabrielle Rose, Chad Willett
Kanada, (2011) 100 minuta
Everything & Everyone is a hilarious and heart-breaking film that interweaves unforgettable characters with the unpredictability of life The ever optimistic Eric embarks on a relationship with the self-loving yet self-loathing Max. Max is intrigued by Eric’s open personality and their relationship begins to grow – until a sudden turn of events.

Monday, 12.12.2011. (21:00)

Other angels
Režija: Emre Yalgin
Uloge: Seyhan Arman, Kanbolat Gorkem Arslan, Özay Fecht
Turska, (2010) 84 minuta
Sanem shares an apartment with three other transvestites in the backstreets of Istanbul and earns her living by prostitution. While dreaming of a hero to save her from this life, she casts an eye at Gökhan, who has recently moved into the neighbourhood. Shyly straying around him, she manages to attract Gökhan’s attention and an unspoken relationship starts between them.