Claudio Steinberg

First time director DOP more than 30 years. Born 17.12.1957 , Buenos Aires, Argentina Independent Director of Photography in Film and T.V. from 1988 Claudio Steinberg studied technical and scientific photography at Hadassah College, Jerusalem served as an assistant to photographers Itamar Zuckerman and Oded Klein. Later studied film and television at Tel Aviv University. Winner of the 1991 Golden Lens Award and a two-time shortlistist for the Ophir Prize for Film Photography. Among the most prominent in his works: David Fischer's documentaries "Love List", “Street Shadows”, "Six Million And One" and "The Round Number", the features films by director Yohanan Weller: "Love in the Fell" "Salsa Tel Aviv", features films by director Menahem Golan: " Haktuva" "Dangerous Dance" "Days of Love" The video works of Lily Fisher presented at the Artists' House in Rishon LeZion and "The Place for Art" in Tel Aviv and Tamar Raban's installation "The Fourth Act" presented at the Bryant Gallery in Lublin 2019


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