Jakub Andrzej Venda

I was born on May 5, 2000 in Biała Podlaska, the first major city located near my hometown. For the next 18 years I grew up in this dying town bordering the eastern edge of Poland, as it was declining with each passing day. Throughout my childhood, I gradually got to know myself by facing all kinds of disappointments, first crushes and turbulent relationships. Living in a small, hermetic town meant that any physical or emotional deviation from the rest of society could lead to public ridicule and derision. As a lonely teen, I’ve been writing down my first movie ideas in an old diary, mostly consisting of daydreams I had when I was twelve. My childhood, and the events I’ve experienced during this period, have had significant impact on my present self. In the years 2016-2019, I attended the 1st High School of Józef Ignacy Kraszewski in Biała Podlaska. I chose a class with an extended Polish language teaching program, English, history and social studies. As a high school student, I started developing my artistic sensitivity. I was in the school choir, theater club and have edited articles for the school newspaper. I have also represented my school in numerous artistic events. In 2019, I completed an Editing in Adobe Premiere course in the Academy of Photography, and a year later - a Cinematography and Directing course at the Warsaw Film School. In 2020, I became a student of the Warsaw Film School in the Department of Film and TV Production. Soon after, I decided to change my major to Film Directing. During my freshman year, I created many short films and short documentaries that are now making their way into a few festivals. I was also casted in an international short film titled "Tina". In recent years, I have been involved in various social campaigns, like Amnesty International or Rak'n'Roll organization. I try to place all my sensibility into my projects. I prioritize turning the viewer’s attention to basic human values, as well as quickly dispersing in the modern world emotions. I like to express my sensitivity through poetry, as I plan to publish my own book of poetry in the near future. In addition, I also work with young creators in various fields of art, for example young freelance photographers, whose joint works are presented in foreign fashion magazines. Because of taking part in so many artistic endeavors, I am constantly evolving and gaining experience. It helps me broaden my horizons, opens me to new fields of art, and inspires me as an artist.


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