Noah Dolinsky

Noah Dolinsky is an award-winning Bangkok-based Portrait, Documentary and Lifestyle photographer. Noah began his career in Fashion Photography. Originally from Tel-Aviv, Israel, he spent time working in Milan, Italy where he further enhanced and developed his skills which led to working with top designers and leading Fashion magazines both in Italy and Israel. He progressed from Fashion photography to creating Portraits, Documentaries, and Commercial Photography. In 2014 he began working abroad, making Bangkok his regional base. With a new multicultural and international focus in mind, this move provided him with the opportunity to meaningfully expand his photographic genre and artistic interest. For the past 9 years, he has been capturing life, people and stories through his lens in portrait and documentary photographs in Southeast Asia. Additionally, in 2021 Noah started to make short films and quickly began receiving film awards. His short documentary MY NAME IS BELLA won an award in World Film Carnival Singapore 2021, and was featured in TLVFest - Tel Aviv LGBTQ International Film Festival 2021. His 2022 short film FALLEN ANGEL won awards in Roma Short Film Festival and in Cannes World Film Festival and was an Official Selection in TLVFest - Tel Aviv LGBTQ International Film Festival. Always trying to challenge himself and further excel, Noah's photos are true works of Art. Noah is passionate about his work, giving it his own personal artistic interpretation, resulting in a unique high quality, creative product. He is a perfectionist with a discerning eye. His current specialties run the spectrum of Portraits, Documentaries, Editorials and Lifestyle.


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