Wild Nights With Emily


Divlje noći s Emili

Nedelja, 8. decembar 19:00 Velika sala Doma omladine Beograda

Cena karte: 250 din.

Igrani film

Režija: Madeleine Olnek

Uloge: Molly Shannon, Susan Ziegler, Amy Seimetz

SAD, 2018.

SXSW Filmski Festival

Ekranizacija manje poznate strane pisca Emily Dickinson, posebno njene veze sa drugom ženom.

Wild Nights With Emily

Sunday, 8 December 7PM Main Hall Belgrade Youth Center

Ticket price: 250 RSD

Feature film

Director: Madeleine Olnek

Cast: Molly Shannon, Susan Ziegler, Amy Seimetz

USA, 2018

SXSW Film Festival

Molly Shannon plays Emily Dickinson in “Wild Nights With Emily ,” a dramatic comedy. The film explores her vivacious, irreverent side that was covered up for years — most notably Emily’s lifelong romantic relationship with another woman.

Madeleine Olnek

Madeleine Olnek is a a New York City based playwright and filmmaker. She was awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship for her third feature film, Wild Nights With Emily, which premiered at SXSW 2018. Her debut feature Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same premiered at Sundance 2011 an screened at MoMA and The Viennale. Nominated for a Gotham award, it had theatrical runs in LA and NYC. Her second feature The Foxy Merkins, included screenings at Sundance 2014, BAM Cinemafest, Lincoln Center, and an NYC theatrical run at IFP. The film had its international premiere at the Moscow Film Festival, and was nominated for an Independent Spirit award.