Angelika Ustymenko

Angelika Ustymenko is a non-binary neurodivergent queer artist and activist based in Kyiv, Ukraine. They are a part of Rebel Queers whose actions are aimed to honour queer people and realise their liberation. In 2018, Angelika made their first short film that was shot on 16mm and premiered at Kyiv International Film Festival Molodist. After the full-scale invasion, they evacuated to Berlin and organised an exhibition featuring Ukrainian queer artists. After coming back to Kyiv the spring of 2022, they made a documentary about Ukrainian queer people during the war “Ukrainian Queer Fighters For Freedom”. In 2023, Angelika released a new documentary “Rebel Queers: Ukraine's Queer Resistance” focusing on queer people in the Ukrainian army as well as a fiction short film “Before Curfew”. Both films were premiered at Sunny Bunny LGBTQIA+ Film Festival.


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