Burcu Melekoglu

Burcu Melekoğlu (b.1980) is a filmmaker working as director and editor based in Istanbul. She discovered her passion for filmmaking, while getting a bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering from University of Pennsylvania, and pursued a film minor there. She worked on documentary and narrative projects after getting a Master of Arts Degree at UCLA School of Film and Television. After returning home to Istanbul, she founded MOXIE, an independent production company, believing in the power of independent documentary film to change hearts and minds. She has currently finished her first feature length documentary film titled Blue ID that premiered at IDFA 2022 Luminous section and won the NPO IDFA Audience Award. Her short documentary work includes, My First Second Home (2006, Philadelphia IGLF Festival, Chicago Reeling Festival, Girl Fest Hawaii, Poppy Jasper, Out for Reel), Reiki (2002) and Bamako (2000).


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