Cristian Sitjas Martinez

Cristian Sitjas is a director from Barcelona who has developed his career in the Catalan city. After starting his studies at EMAV, he completed a Master's in Art Direction at ESCAC, where he was awarded a scholarship by the school to pursue a Master's in Directing. During this period, he wrote and directed the short films: "Violeta," "Placebo," and "La muerte de Oso." All of them have premiered at national and international film festivals. Meanwhile, he was pursuing a Master's in Screenwriting at Showrunners Bcn school, where he wrote his first feature film script. Parallel to his studies, he worked as a second and third assistant director on films such as "Sinjar," directed by Anna M. Bofarull and starring Nora Navas, and "The Mother," starring Jennifer Lopez. He also worked on series like "Who is Erin Carter?" (Netflix) and "Mrs. Davis" (Warner Bros). Due to his interest in exploring new languages and narratives in audiovisual media, he worked at the feminist erotic film production company, Erika Lust, where he wrote and directed the short film "Catboy," which is currently in distribution. He is currently immersed in the development of his first feature film and the pre-production of a short film. In both projects, Cristian explores the boundaries of human experiences with pleasure, pain, sadness, or the search for escapism, all in settings that break with what we consider conventional.