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Where Horses Go to Die

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Cena karte: Dnevna karta za retrospektivu Antonijy Hiklinga: 250 din.

Igrani film

Režija: Antony Hickling

Uloge: Manuel Blanc, Jean-Christophe Bouvet, Stéphanie Michelini

Francuska, 2017.

Daniel je umetnik koji je izgubio želju za slikarstvom. Neočekivani susret jedne večeri sa tri „radne devojke“ obeležava početak neverovatne avanture. Kasnije te večeri, najluđi snovi i najgore noćne more njegove tri muze će se rasplesti u njegovoj mašti. Scena je spremna za ekstravagantnu dramu gde se Manuela, transordna žena suočava sa svojom mutnom prošlosti, Divine, transseksualna prostitutka koja sanja o normalnom životu i „savršenoj porodici“, i takođe Candice koja mašta o tome da postane poznata pevačica. Na kraju jednog putovanja, počinje drugo…

Where Horses Go to Die


Ticket price: Daily ticket  for Antony Hickling Retrospective 250 RSD

Feature film

Directors: Antony Hickling

Cast: Manuel Blanc, Jean-Christophe Bouvet, Stéphanie Michelini

France, 2017

Daniel is an artist who has lost his desire to paint. An unexpected meeting with three “working girls” one evening marks the beginning of a surreal adventure. Later that night, the wildest dreams and the worst nightmares of his three new muses unravel in his imagination. The stage is set for an extravagant drama where Manuela, a transgender woman confronts her shady past. Divine, a transsexual prostitute dreams of a normal life and the “perfect family” and also Candice, who dreams of becoming a famous singer. At the end of one journey another begins…

Antony Hickling

Antony Hickling is an English/French independent film maker, actor and writer born in South Africa, Johannesburg. He grew up in the UK and trained as an actor at Manchester University (Arden School of Theatre). He went on to study for his master’s degree then doctorate in Arts of the Stage at Paris 8 University, his main focus on “Queer arts”. After several years of study he left his doctorate unfinished in order to pursue a career in cinema. After training at CEFPF film school Paris he went on to direct films related to his research on Queer . His films have been screened in LGBTQ film festivals worldwide. Hickling’s films are characterized by religious symbolism and explicit, sexual representations, often blending the boundaries between overesthetized surrealism and realism. His works pay tribute to and are in the long tradition of European Art House cinema and have been compared to Derek Jarman, Peter Greenaway, and Pier Paolo Pasolini. He continues to work as an actor specializing in voice over and has provided voices in advertising, video games, cartoons and animation movies.

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