Dante vs. Mohammed Ali


Dante protiv Mohameda Alija

Kratki film

Režija: Marc Wagenaar

Holandija, 2018.

Trajanje: 25 min.

Kada Wolf odbije da se u nedeljnom meču boksa bori protiv najboljeg druga Alexandera, celo selo se okreće protiv njega. On pokušava da ubedi Alexandera da zajedno odu iz sela, ali njegova previše romantična poruka nailazi na zid.

Dante vs. Mohammed Ali

Short film

Director: Marc Wagenaar

Netherlands, 2018

Duration: 25 min

When Wolf refuses to fight his best friend Alexander during a weekly boxing match, the whole village turns against him. He tries to convince Alexander to join him leaving the village, but his overly romantic message runs into a wall.

Marc Wagenaar

Marc received in his hometown Nijmegen his Bachelor in Communications, where he wrote his papers for record label PIAS and the film distributor Cinéart. To develop his passion for film he moved to Berlin on invitation of the award winning documentary maker Viola Stephan. In Berlin he completed internships for Tonmeister Adrian Baumeister at ‘The Post Republic’ and ‘Berlinale Panorama’, and had many different roles on film sets before he founded his own film production company ‘Holy Birds’. Under this name he wrote, directed and produced his first short film HOLY BIRD starring Rolf Kanies (“Der Untergang”). After 4 long, cold days and nights in the woods, the shooting of the film was complete. While HOLY BIRD was still in post production, he’d already completed his 16mm second short film THE EGGMAN starring Lars Rudolph (“Werckmeister Harmonies”, “Lola Rennt”) and Anna Böttcher (“About: Kate”). His films were recognized by film festivals and by the Filmacademy of Amsterdam where he was selected to study directing. With a very own style, highly regarded directors such as Charlie Chaplin, Andrej Tarkovsky, Ingmar Bergman, Akira Kurosawa, David Lynch, Bela Tarr, Ingmar Bergman & Alejandro Jodorowsky can clearly be seen as influences on his work. Currently he has just completed his graduation film ‘Dante vs. Mohammed Ali’ at the Netherlands Filmacademy.