Dala – Merlinka Queer Film Festival

Merlinka Queer Film Festival

Merlinka Queer Film Festival



Kratki film

Režija: Anthony Newen

SAD, 2018.

Trajanje: 5 min.

Dve žene koje su jednom bile u ljubavi, osvrću se na svoju vezu i razlog njenog kraha. Ima veze i sa golupčićima.


Short film

Director: Anthony Newen

USA, 2018

Duration: 5 min

Two women, once in love, recount their relationship and what lead to its failure. And something to do with lovebirds.



Anthony Newen

Anthony Newen has worked on film sets as a PA, sound mixer, and camera operator, settling now into writing and directing. He has made a number of short films and shot for such companies as Kit Kat, Corona, and Pricewaterhouse Coopers. He continues to make shorts and is working on a feature length script.