The Graffiti – Merlinka Queer Film Festival

Merlinka Queer Film Festival

Merlinka Queer Film Festival

The Graffiti


Kratki film

Režija: Aurelien Laplace

Francuska, 2019.

Trajanje: 9 min.

Grad je ukočen: ovog jutra neko je nacrtao grafiti na zidu istorijskog spomenika. Ljudi na koje ovo utiče su gradonačelnik i dr Robin koji će morati da objasne situaciju.

The Graffiti

Short film

Director: Aurelien Laplace

France, 2019

Duration: 9 min

Stupor in the city: this morning, someone sprayed a graffiti on the wall of a historical monument! The main people concerned, the Mayor and Dr. Robin, will have to explain…

Aurelien Laplace

Since 2001, he wrote and directed six short films and two clips for Hku and Seldom Colin. With each new film, he explores the theme of the unsettling of daily life or how characters entangled in a routine see suddenly their life switch and their upended bearings among other. This led him to develop comedies to offbeat tone. Aurélien is also currently working on a new comedy feature film.