Butterflies in Berlin – Merlinka festival

Merlinka festival

Merlinka festival

Butterflies in Berlin

Leptiri u Berlinu

Kratki animirani film

Režija: Monica Manganelli

Italija, 2019.

Trajanje: 30 min.

Alex se seli u Berlin 1933. godine, tokom perioda Vajmarske republike. Tražeći mesto u svetu za sebe i svoj seksualni identitet, on posle operacije postaje prvi transseksualac u istoriji. To se nažalost dešava tokom uspona nacizma, poremećaj društva koji je pretvorio prestonicu seksualne slobode u jednu od najpotlačenijih zemalja sveta.

Butterflies in Berlin

Short animated film

Director: Monica Manganelli

Italy, 2019

Duration: 30 min

Alex moves to Berlin in 1933, during the Weimar Republic period. Looking for his place in the world and his sexual identity, he becomes the first out-of-surgery transsexual in History. That happens unfortunately during the National-Socialism rise, a social disruption that turned the capital of sexual freedom in the most repressed country of all times.

Monica Manganelli

Monica Manganelli, born in Parma (1977) is a film&creative director, scenographer-visual artist. She spent her early career to work as Set/Stage Designer and Concept/Visual Artist for many productions since 2001 to 2011 in the Lyric Opera House in Italy and Europe.Then she moved to work into Movie Production and begin to collaborate on different projects (commercial spot, movies, animation short) for creating virtual set design and look. One of her past important work for a production movie has been Cloud Atlas by Wachowski Brothers at the Babelsberg Studios in Berlin. The Ballad of the Homeless her first animated film won Prestigious awards among: Best Animation at Los Angeles Shorts Film fest for qualifying academy award 2016, WINNER BEST FILM WORLD CULTURES and BEST FILM EUROPE at Anim!Arte – Festival Internacional de Animação 2015, WINNER BEST MUSIC and AUDIENCE AWARD , ATHENS ANIMFEST 2016, WINNER SPECIAL SILVER RIBBON for Animation category (Nastro d’ argento speciale all’ animazione 2016), WINNER BEST ANIMATED ECO-FILM – Golden KuKer Animation Film Fest (2016), CANDIDATED for ITALIAN OSCAR- DAVID DI DONATELLO 2016 – category: Best short film, WINNER AUDIENCE AWARD – Festival “Registi a Confronto”, Italy (2016), WINNER AUDIENCE AWARD, Festival Palagiano in corto (2016), WINNER BEST ANIMATION -Voghera Film festival (2016), SPECIAL MENTION AMARCORT FILM FESTIVAL – Rimini Italy (2016). “A SYMPONHY for ROSSINI: Il Turco in Italia” is her second animated film an experimental short in which animation meets the great tradition of italian music opera. Monica is working on her first long feature animated film TURANDOT- PRINCESS OF CHINA. In 2019 she finished BUTTERFLIES IN BERLIN about Homocaust, now in distribution around the world in festivals. www.monicamanganelli.net