Mona – Merlinka festival

Merlinka festival

Merlinka festival



Kratki film

Režija: Jannik Gensler

Nemačka, 2018.

Trajanje: 5 min.

Porodica. Sumnje! Solidarnost?


Short film

Director: Jannik Gensler

Germany, 2018

Duration: 5 min

Family. Doubts! Solidarity?

Jannik Gensler

In 2017 Jannik shot his first movie “Mir selbst so fremd”. The film was screened at more than 20 film festivals around the world and won the 1st place in the “Young Professionals” category at the visionale2018 Hessen. “Mona” is Jannik’s fourth film. It means a lot to Jannik to deal with issues of the LGBT community in his films.