Fatimin sin – Merlinka Queer Film Festival

Merlinka Queer Film Festival

Merlinka Queer Film Festival

Fatimin sin

Kratki film

Režija: Carlotta Piccinini

Italija, Španija, 2017.

Trajanje: 11 min.

Sevilja – 13. novembar 2015.

Fatima dolazi u Sevilju iz Maroka da bi bila sa svojim sinom, ali iz nekog razloga niko ne želi da joj otkrije gde je on. Ali majčina ljubav ne poznaje granice…

Fatima’s son

Short film

Director: Carlotta Piccinini

Italy, Spain, 2017

Duration: 11 min

Seville – November 13th 2015

Fatima arrived to Sevilla from Morocco to in order to get together with her son, but inexplicably no one wants to tell her where he is. But a mother’s love has no limits…

Carlotta Piccinini

She is a director and visual artist born in Bologna in 1979. From the beginning of her artistic career, she has been working in a multifaceted manner, experimenting with different narrative and stylistic languages, devoting herself to creativity of video art and social documentaries. In this way, she combined her passion for aesthetics and digital technologies with her commitment to film-making for the defence of human rights. For her, video art and documentary represent an area of constant experimentation, which has allowed her to develop new stylistic and narrative codes and to be recognised in a variety of national and international film festivals. Her works have been shown in Italy, USA, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, Belarus, Algeria, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia and Ethiopia.