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Kratki film

Režija: Simon Maria Kubiena

Austrija, 2019.

Trajanje: 3 min.

Prvorođeni sin koristi šminku i oblači se kao žena što izaziva raspravu sa ocem tokom porodične večere.


Short film

Director: Simon Maria Kubiena

Austria, 2019

Duration: 3 min

The first-born using make-up and dressing up as a woman triggers a dispute situation with the father at a family dinner.

Simon Maria Kubiena

Simon Maria Kubiena, born in 1998 in Vienna, found his passion for filmmaking through acting, which he successfully demonstrated since the age of 8 with roles at the Burgtheater Vienna and national film productions. Since then, Simon has been working on short films and music videos, which have been widely acclaimed at national and European film festivals. In the summer of 2018, he attended a film workshop at the Prague Film School. Simon lives and works in Vienna.


Italy and this is water

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Italija i ovo je voda

Kratki film

Režija: Ioan Gavriel, Anja Franziska Plaschg

Austrija, Malta, 2019.

Trajanje: 5 min.

Jedan dan: od nežne zore do najtamnije noći. Jedan od mnogo dana koji tek predstoje? Najverovatnije je poslednji. Dugi oproštaj od života koji nam je vremenom postao drag. Vodi ka skoku u novu realnost, u novo stanje svesti.

Italy and this is water

Short film

Directors: Ioan Gavriel, Anja Franziska Plaschg

Austria, Malta, 2019.

Duration: 5 min

Vienna Shorts Festival – Best music video

A single day: from the tender break of dawn to the darkest night. One out of many days to come? Quite possibly the very last. A long farewell, an ultimate goodbye to a life we have grown to hold dear. Leading to a head-on dive into a new reality, into a new state of being.

Ioan Gavriel & Anja Franziska Plaschg

Ioan Gavriel was born in Bern in 1993 as the son of a Romanian violinist and a Swiss architect. He spent his childhood and youth in Vienna, Austria. Through his own animated films and animated work, he discovered his passion for film early on. At the age of 15 he shot the first film-funded short film with professional actors. Ioan works successfully as a camera technician and B-cameraman in various Austrian and international productions, with directors like Michael Haneke, Ridley Scott, Terrence Malick, Stefan Ruzowitzky, Josef Hader, Ulrich Seidl, David Schalko or Jessica Hausner. In addition to his work in the camera department, he directs various commercials and music videos for clients such as: UNHCR, Audi, McDonalds or currently for the singer Soap & Skin (O.S.T Netflix “Dark”).

Anja Franziska Plaschg grew up in a small village called Poppendorf (near Gnas) in south east Styria, where her parents have a farm. She has played piano since she was six. At the age of 14 she began violin studies and developed an interest in electronic music. She attended the Graz Polytechnic for Graphic Design, but dropped out at 16 and moved to Vienna shortly afterwards. There she studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts in the master class of Daniel Richter, but at 18 dropped out again. After only playing a handful of concerts she was already being dubbed a “Wunderkind”. In 2008 she played German singer Nico in the play “Nico – Sphinx aus Eis” by Werner Fritsch in Berlin and Vienna, performing several songs in it, including “Janitor of Lunacy”, from her first EP. Her first album, called “Lovetune for Vacuum”, was released in March 2009. It received excellent reviews and placed in the Austrian Top 10. The 2 album also achieved chart positions in Germany, Belgium and France. Music journalists have already claimed to see in her a new star of Austrian pop. Plaschg’s father died in 2009 from a heart attack. During this time, Plaschg stated that she suffered serious depression for which she was hospitalized. The death influenced much of her second album, “Narrow”. In 2010 she won a European Border Breakers Award for her international success. Her tracks “Brother of Sleep” and “Marche Funèbre” were used in the soundtrack for Universal Pictures thriller “War Games: At the End of the Day” in 2010. In 2012, she debuted as an actress, playing the role of the supporting character Carmen in the Austrian movie Stilleben (English title: Still Life). In 2017, she created the title melody of the German Netflix-series Dark. Two tracks, “Italy” and “Safe with Me” are used in the Italian film Sicilian Ghost Story (2017), written and directed by Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza. Plaschg’s third full album, “From Gas to Solid / you are my friend”, was released on 28 October 2018. A music video for “Heal”, one of the tracks from the album, was released on 7 August 2018.

Taste of Love

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Nedelja, 10. decembar 2017. Maraton kratkog filma 13:00-00:00

Cena ulaznice: 300 dinara (ili propusnica za sve dane festivala) Više informacija
Ulaznica važi za ceo maraton (publika može da dolazi i napušta projekcije tokom trajanja maratona)

Ukus ljubavi
Paul Scheufler
Austrija, 2017.
5 min.
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Nedelja, 10. decembar 2017. Maraton kratkog filma 13:00-00:00

Cena ulaznice: 300 dinara (ili propusnica za sve dane festivala) Više informacija
Ulaznica važi za ceo maraton (publika može da dolazi i napušta projekcije tokom trajanja maratona)

Barbara S. Mueller
Austrija, 2017.
10 min.
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Globalno tvoj

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LGBT i HIV aktivista Nikola Latković preminuo je 17. septembra 2014. godine. Njemu u čast, kao velikom prijatelju Merlinka festivala, organizujemo specijalnu projekciju dokumentarnog filma “Globalno tvoj” u kome se Nikola pojavljuje zajedno sa svojim tadašnjim partnerom Tomasom.

Utorak, 16. decembar 2014. 17:00 SALA AMERIKANA DOMA OMLADINE BEOGRADA

Globally yours
Režija: Marko Doringer
Austrija, 2013.
Dokumenarni film
Trajanje: 93 min.
Jezik: Nemački, engleski
Titl: Srpski Read More

Alles an mir

UTORAK 8.2.2001. (17:00)
Sve o meni / Everything about me

Director / Režija: Barbara S. Müller
Austrija, 2010
Trajanje/ Duration: 42 min.

Austrijska rediteljka Barbara S. Müller režira priču o vezi dve žene koje su postale emocionalno međuzavisne. Dve žene stoje pred ponorom – ali samo će jedna od njih uspeti da se oslobodi zavisnosti. Zasnovano na istinitom događaju. Read More

Die Schwestern

SREDA 9. februar 2011. (21:00)
Sestre / The Sisters
Director / Režija: Manfred Hoschek, Sigrid Smejkal
Nemačka, 2009
Trajanje/ Duration: 70 min.

Sa pojavom bradatih ljudi obučenih u odeću časnih sestara koji su sakupljali novac za članove gej zajednice u San Francisku uoči Uskrsa 1979 godine nastao je pokret „Sestara beskrajne indulgencije“. Od tada, Sestre su razvile širu mrežu “Kuća” i “Redova” u brojnim zemljama. Oni podržavaju gej, lezbejske i transrodne organizacije kao i AIDS projekte. Read More